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            Ramona Roller Rink was built in 1928 as a dance hall!  It was built by the first owners the Adams brothers.  All the big bands played here like George Jones and the nine Hawkeyes, Stan Norris and Orchestra, and Jack Windel and his famous orchestra.  The average admission cost at this time was $.10 - $.25.  The dancing was amazing and it became the hot spot of Sister Lakes. 

            In the 1950s Ramona had adopted roller skating on top of dancing. Its blue floors were a sea of inviting tides to skaters everywhere.  It was a way to fill the all of the holes that the dancing was not filling.  The type of music that was played was Organ Music.  People were rolling in to try this new trend which hit it's peak in popularity in the 1970s.  The average cost to get in was about $1 - $1.25.

            The 1960s were the start of a new age, Ramona had a new owner by the name of Earl Partrage.  Dancing was starting to phase out while skating was starting to phase in.  Eventually the dancing was phased out and Ramona Dance Pavillion became Ramona Roller Rink.  They were also starting to play all kinds of music for skaters instead of the tradional organ music.  The average cost to get in at Ramona Roller Rink was about $1.50 - $2. 

             Ramona Roller Rink in the 1980s had another change, not only was the build getting add-ons and growing bigger, but it had yet another owner things were staring to look up when Ramona had a small comeback on dancing.  A dance floor was put in and they had more live bands playing and it was still quite the hang out place for teens and young adults.  Couples that met there and married when they were young still come back to check on ramona as if she were a child to them. Although Ramona has had a bit of a makeover (a little bit of paint and gold floors now) they have the memories like it was yesterday.  Average cost? Between $2 - $2.50.

            The most recent buyer and current owner Of the Ramona Roller Rink is Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schaus III  and their family of nine children.  He purchased Ramona in March of 2003 and is still going strong.  Although they still have dances once in a while the primary function of the Ramona is skating.  Harold and Michele along with eight daughters and one son operate the rink.  They offer skate lessons, guest DJs, games, all-night skates, roller hockey, and a lot of other things that cater to young children, teens, and families.  Although Ramona is on her fourth owner she is still going strong and is one of Sister Lakes' great attractions.



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